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Community Impact Intiatives

We accomplish this by:

  • Public breast health and breast cancer seminars

  • Corporate, workplace and group seminars 

  • A wide range of educational resources

  • Educating women and their families with regard to detection, treatment and survival strategies

  • Offering access to detection and treatment resources

  • Providing information regarding breast health and breast cancer

  • Providing critical financial assistance to women receiving breast cancer treatment (only a case by case)

  • Driving an effective Triple Negative Breast Cancer advocacy agenda

  • Seeking funding for breast cancer research


SOP reaches out to young women with interactive presentations to women organizations, churches, health fairs, etc. We strive to create a broader social impact for women with TNBC by funding projects that fill other needs, creating self -advocacy and community awareness around breast cancer issues, and also recruit volunteers and funding for community social action projects.


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