Community Impact Intiatives


We accomplish this by:

  • Public breast health and breast cancer seminars

  • Corporate, workplace and group seminars 

  • A wide range of educational resources

  • Educating women and their families with regard to detection, treatment and survival strategies

  • Offering access to detection and treatment resources

  • Providing information regarding breast health and breast cancer

  • Providing critical financial assistance to women receiving breast cancer treatment (only a case by case)

  • Driving an effective Triple Negative Breast Cancer advocacy agenda

  • Seeking  funding for breast cancer research


SOP reaches out to young women with interactive presentations to women organizations, churches, health fairs, etc. We strive to create a broader social impact for women with TNBC by funding projects that fill other needs, creating self -advocacy and community awareness around breast cancer issues, and also recruit volunteers and funding for community social action projects.




Like you, SOP would like to understand and eliminate Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a silent predator to a staggering percentage of African American women, and to eradicate ALL breast cancer once and for all. That’s why we support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Our donation helps them study the cause, effect and treatment of breast cancer. For more information go to ( – Survivors’ circle). SOP runs a grassroots advocacy program to eradicate the presence of breast cancer in our society. Our efforts are to:


  • Increase funding for breast cancer research.

  • Promote research into the cause, cure and prevention of breast cancer.

  • Increase the involvement of those living with breast cancer in research.

  • We fundraise for research and undertake initiatives that have the greatest impact and benefit for the breast cancer community. We are dedicated to leading the way in support of our vision of creating a future without breast cancer.